Your Pelvic Matters Programme

A new full body approach to restore function to the Pelvic Floor

A new full body approach to restore function to the Pelvic Floor

The Your Pelvic Matters Programme is a step-by-step exercise and educational approach to:

  • Fixing pelvic floor problems,
  • Improving your chances of conceiving naturally, and
  • Freeing yourself of pelvic, endometriosis and chronic period pain

We no longer need to solely focus on the traditional kegel pelvic floor exercises in an effort to heal, nurture and fix any dysfunction. Our knowledge has moved on, which has led to a greater understanding of how the pelvic floor muscles function and therefore how we are able to help restore them.

The Programme will educate you to:

  • Deepen your knowledge of pelvic floor anatomy as it relates to dysfunction
  • Understand what causes pain, why it occurs and what simple things you can do to relieve it
  • Embrace a full-body approach to fixing dysfunction, relieving pain and increasing infertility
  • Adopt a new way of approaching the correct way to restore pelvic floor function
  • Learn exercises and other methods that can increase your chances of conceiving naturally

Whilst learning the exercises and movements, you will be able to focus on improving your posture, increasing circulation, releasing tension and improving pelvic floor function. As well as exploring those common pain sites and what to do about them.

Appointments are available for 121’s and for small groups.

Please email for availability.