Mum and Baby Yoga

Mum and Baby Yoga A gentle yoga class to share with your baby

Exercise classes Abingdon Oxfordshire where baby comes too

Our postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga classes are a great introduction to getting moving again after your baby arrives. We concentrate on nurturing movements to aid flexibility, lengthen muscles and provide support so you and your baby can exercise together.

These classes are a great way to meet new Mums whilst working on areas of the body that may have changed or feel different after delivery. We work on core muscles, posture, alignment and pelvic floor. Aiming to lengthen those areas that are tight and use the weakened muscles to build strength.

You will be able to practice the exercises on a mat with your baby next to you, and they too will get a turn with some yoga moves just for them. These are also really important for your baby to help with cross-lateral movements, co-ordination and aid movement whilst they are still relatively sedentary.

The exercises will help you to:

  • Stabilize your pelvis
  • Tone the abdominal region
  • Support the lower back
  • Strengthen pelvic floor
  • Release tension in your shoulders and neck
  • Decreases stress and promote relaxation
  • Rejuvenate the mind and increase energy
  • Exercise with your baby together

Class Details:

Friday Morning, 11.30 am
Sunningwell Village Hall, OX13 6RD.
Classes are held in blocks of around 7 weeks.
£7.50 per class

Please bring water and wear comfortable clothes. This class will be taught with no shoes or socks.