Bootcamp for postnatal women

Our postnatal bootcamp class is a fun and social 1 hour session, suitable for all. This isn’t a military style bootcamp, but you will work hard – just a level that is right for you.This style of session allows us to mix it up, tailor exercises to the individual and give you lots of alternatives. We look to incorporate a variety of different styles of movement and types of exercise in the session so that you get a good, full body workout. We will check your abs, make sure you are working at the right level of intensity, help you with technique and even hold the baby! The classes are a great way to meet new Mums and allow you to catch up with others in the same boat, just in a sweaty kind of way! A typical class could include a gentle warm up to loosen the joints and raise your heart rate. We could include a body weight circuit or some cardio games, an aerobics routine or introduce some kit. We may use resistance bands for arms and posture exercises or bring cones, bean bags, boxing gloves and agility ladders! Floor work is important where you are able to concentrate on particular areas of the body for example the core, back, posture, pelvic floor and work on some flexibility too. This is a real mix of styles and all the exercises are specifically chosen to help aid postnatal recovery.