Kettlebell Classes for postnatal women

Buggy Bells are Kettlebell Classes for postnatal women

Kettlebells are a brilliant form of exercise, they help to improve your cardio fitness as well as strengthen and tone muscles. They can help to improve balance and co-ordination at the same time as burning calories. This is a full body workout, great for fitness, weight loss and toning.

Full body movements are used to help you build strength and stamina which help in your day to day tasks. Plus an abdominal section where you can use the kettlebell to intensify the movements.

There are a variety of weights to use in the class and you can progress at your own rate. And you are welcome to start the class with no kettlebell until you are ready to start using the weights.

Class Details

Thursday, Wootton Community Centre. 9.30am
£5 per class, payable in half term blocks. This class is term time only.

Benefits of kettlebell training

  • Calorie burning
  • Muscle endurance
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved balance and co-ordination
  • Improved posture
  • Total body workout


For all of my postnatal classes I do an ‘ab check’ for diastasis recti and ensure that the girls are working at the correct level and progressing.