Baby Massage

Baby Massage classes in Oxfordshire by Fit and Healthy Mums

Baby Massage is a lovely experience to share with your baby. Massage promotes positive touch between you both, enhancing the bonding and attachment process. It can be used as a means of communicating with your baby, enhancing eye contact and promoting secure attachment.

International Associationof Infant Massage

International Associationof Infant Massage – IAIM UK

There are many benefits:

  • Massage encourages the bonding and attachment process
  • It can reduce stress levels
  • Promotes the release of oxytocin, ‘the love hormone’
  • Parents are able to ‘tune into’ non-verbal communication from baby
  • It can stimulate the baby’s systems, including digestive, respiratory and immune.
  • Can aid digestion and help to ease colic.
  • Encourages muscular co-ordination and joint flexibility.
  • May reduce tension, restlessness and irritability.
  • Promotes relaxation and helps babies to sleep deeper and longer.
  • Helps teach babies to experience relaxation and to self calm.

This baby massage course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, following the IAIM programme.

Class Details:

Friday, 10.15 am  Wootton Community Centre, Abingdon
 £50 for a course of 5 classes.

Over the 5 week course you will learn:

  • All the massage strokes, including legs and feet, tummy, chest, arms, face and back.
  • A routine of massage specifically for the relief of colic
  • A set of ‘Gentle Movements’ based on yoga to stretch your baby’s muscles and align the spine
  • Positions for massage
  • Behavioural states and cues for massage
  • The use of oils
  • The benefits of baby massage
  • How to adapt massage as your baby grows.

Each class also includes parent relaxation as well as questions and discussion time to share your experiences.

Suitable from newborn up to the age of 1 year.

Private Sessions
Private sessions are available if you prefer to learn baby massage in your own home. You may wish to organise a private group with your friends, want your partner or a grandparent to be involved or simply enjoy a 1-2-1 session.
Prices from £30 per hour.

Course Dates:

Jan 6th ’17
Feb 24th ’17
April 28th ’17
June 9th ’17
Sept 8th ’17
Nov 3rd ’17